Breakfast With Led

I love mornings this time of year…cold and grey, leaves falling, tall, amber grass in the field, good food, a cup of coffee, and good music.  I usually get up early on the weekends, put on a record and cook breakfast for my family, but this Saturday morning I have to hurry out early to teach people how to save lives, so, I made a quick and simple solo breakfast in about 20 minutes.  Here is what I did…

First things first, you need to pick out the correct mood music, and this morning a little Led was the answer.  This was one of my great record hunt finds, I picked it up at a church garage sale before it was cool to spin vinyl again, the best part, it was only a quarter!

Now that I’m grooven to some classic tunes, what do I make? How about some of our delicious onion greens diced and sautaueed up with some sausage, and  mixed in with our lovely fresh free range eggs, with a side of toast with home made jelly.  I love the savory combination of eggs with sausage, and the hint of a few of our green onions just help set the flavors off.  To me it is a protein rich meal from heaven, so here’s what I did.

Get the sausage started on a medium low heat.

sausage patty with sauteed green onions

Add some green onions.  Here is our secret, for preserving garden green onions…we will dice them, put them in some plastic food storage containers and freeze them.  When we need some we just take a few out and heat them up.  It’s quick, easy, cost effective, and most of all tasty!

I use two “eggcelent” fresh eggs.  (That is usually enough to fill me a 195 pound active man.)

While the sausage and onions are heating up and fusing the flavors together, I get the toast going, just under four minutes in our oven is perfect.

That’s going to get some home made sandplum jelly in a minute!  Mmmm Mmmm.

Next add in the eggs to the sausage and onions and …


Mmmmm! Now that was one tasty and quick Saturday morning breakfast.

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