by Jeni

The hubs posted HIS version of a quick breakfast the other day so I decided that I needed to show you my quick healthy breakfast!

Maybe we can have a contest?

Who cooked and accessorized the eggs better??

Maybe not…don’t want to embarrass him…I know mine are better;)

Anyways, came home after tough workout and I needed sustenance….and fast! Had a busy day so this breakfast needs to last! I decided on my favorite stand by…scrambled eggs.

some of our wunderful free range eggs.

I added a bit of butter to my pan prior to cooking….added my eggs and cooked. The key to perfectly fluffy delicious eggs? Cook on low heat!

just a little butter in the pan

I opted for a side of avocado and tomatoes. I love those tiny avocados that come 5ish in the bag, they are perfectly sized for me. I had to use store bought tiny tomatoes (womp womp), this would have been SO MUCH better with our homegrown tomatoes(come on tomatoes, ripen up!). Hopefully they will be ready next week! I always add a bit of lime juice on my avocado.

A little cheese, S&P, side of cold brew and heaven…delish! Protein filled, healthy, lasting breakfast! Now I’m ready to conquer the day

a happy healthy breakfast plate, with super hero fork

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