When do Strawberries get ripe in Oklahoma?

Good question!  We have been anxiously awaiting those first strawberry blossoms, and they are finally beginning to open up!  It’s such a joy to go out each morning and spend time in the strawberry fields.  There is much to do – watering, weeding, and fertilizing take a huge chunk out of the day!  But, I take time each day to just look around and savor the beauty and magic of the developing strawberries.

Mike and I attended the Mid-America Strawberry Growers conference in Branson, Missouri a couple of weeks ago.  We learned so much from the other growers, and heard several experts on Strawberry production.  We are doing some research on a variety of berries for our high tunnel that will produce berries from September – December.  Wouldn’t it be fun to have fresh strawberries at Thanksgiving?

At the conference, I asked the question “When do Strawberries get ripe in Oklahoma?”  I found out that the answer to that question is quite complex, and depends on the development of the primordial and axillary meristems,  the photoperiod, the induction, intiation, and differentiation…   Yep, a great deal was way over my head!   But you can trust that I am watching those babies carefully, and now that we have blooms, I am on my knees each day searching for developing berries (and praying for the berry harvest)!

I promise to keep you updated on our berries’ progress and once those little nuggets of deliciousness are available, we are hoping you will join us at the Farm to pick-your-own berries!berries!


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    Please add me to your email as I want to be informed of picking times for all the fruit and veggies!

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