Berry Farms and Families

Two years ago, Mike and I hung up our dress clothes, donned a pair of work boots, and started farming.  We had just finished up 40+ years in conference rooms, behind a computer, and sitting in an office several hundred feet above the streets of Oklahoma City.  The windows didn’t open to allow in the fresh air, and most days we left home before dawn, and returned home after the sun had long set.

People often ask us – why did you start a berry farm in your retirement?  We usually answer glibly “everyone needs a retirement gig”, but in reality, we put lots of thought and prayer into our ‘next step’ decisions.

I have always dreamed of growing berries.  Berries, especially blueberries, are my most favorite food.  I fantasized about getting up early and gathering berries before breakfast, then again before lunch, and finally, as the sun set for a nighttime snack.  We would have blueberry pancakes, blueberry jam, and blueberry compote!  You might say I’m a bit passionate about berries.  Growing berries was just a natural ‘next step’.  But even more importantly, Mike and I are both passionate about strengthening family bonds.  We were looking for a way to help families disconnect from the normal routine of life, and to reconnect with those they love.   Our heart’s desire is for families to come to our farm, not just to pick berries, but to enjoy the beauty of nature, and the wonder of creation, and to leave rejuvenated and with a greater love and understanding of those they love.

Memories are made in moments, we hope you will join us at The Farm on Fishmarket for some memorable moments!  Bring your cameras, your picnic, and your hiking boots – we’ll provide the Berries and Buckets!

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