Minimal Carb Farm Fresh Breakfast

Farm fresh Breakfast

Have you heard?!?! Strawberries are here and we are so excited! Now…these aren’t your ordinary run of the mill grocery store strawberries, these are fresh from the farm berries. If you haven’t tried farm fresh strawberries, then you MUST come out and try some for yourself.

I have seen so many recipes I want to try with our berries. Milkshakes….salad with berries pecans and poppyseed dressing….strawberry syrup….strawberry rolls….mmmmm. BUT, I opted to start simply with pancakes.

We like Birch Benders Paleo mix. We always make per package instructions, cook with a little avocado oil in the pan, they come out almost pan fried and always delicious. Add a few sliced berries on top and it’s perfectly delicious. I added a side of bacon and asparagus topped with a perfectly poached egg. This, my friends, is the breakfast of royalty…


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