Fifty Shades of eggs

I have had several people come to me at market and ask me “what makes the egg’s color?” Well, if you are curious, here is a quick reason why.

Different breeds have different color eggs, for instance Easter eggers create multiple colors of eggs, like light blue, green, and possibly purpleish. Black Marans lay a blackish egg. Leghorns, lay white. We use Red Star, they make a brown egg. Everything else is pretty much the same its just a genetic thing that makes the colors.

Ok, but what about the shading? Well, that can have several influencing factors. Diet, and weather are a couple of factors, bit a bigger player is age. When the chicken is first starting, their eggs are darker, much like our human eyes. As the chicken grows older some of the pigment gets less intense, again like our human eyes. Is this 100%, no, not really, like humans, each chicken presents different, and thats what makes the world great.

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