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Market boxes

Oh what a beautiful morning…oh what a beautiful day…i got a really good feeeling I’ll make everything easy today… If thats the case, or maybe you didn’t make it to the market, then maybe you should consider ordering a fresh and healthy market box from the farm on fishmarket. Full of your favorite in seasonal …

Topo Strawberrio

Does this count as a recipe? Maybe just a great idea….anyways…its delicious. We love TopoChico, it’s sparkly and no carb and “healthy”. We often add lime juice, but today, after spending the day out at the farm, my wife shoved(quite literally) a few strawberries in the neck of this bottle. Oh My Goodness!!!! WOW!!

The Diakon Radish

The big hit this winter is diacon radish. This radish is a little different than what grandma always served, (unless its what she served, in which case its the same) its not as “hot”. These guys have more than their share of vitamin C, ample supply of vitamin B-12, and B-6, which are great for …