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Fifty Shades of eggs

I have had several people come to me at market and ask me “what makes the egg’s color?” Well, if you are curious, here is a quick reason why. Different breeds have different color eggs, for instance Easter eggers create multiple colors of eggs, like light blue, green, and possibly purpleish. Black Marans lay a …

Whats in

“Tomatoes, who has tomatoes?” I heard this more than once last weekend at market. The short answer is, unless you have an actual green house, or bring them in from south Texas, no one does yet. A number of thing need to happen to grow plants. First, ground temperature has to be correct for the …

Topo Strawberrio

Does this count as a recipe? Maybe just a great idea….anyways…its delicious. We love TopoChico, it’s sparkly and no carb and “healthy”. We often add lime juice, but today, after spending the day out at the farm, my wife shoved(quite literally) a few strawberries in the neck of this bottle. Oh My Goodness!!!! WOW!!