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Topo Strawberrio

Does this count as a recipe? Maybe just a great idea….anyways…its delicious. We love TopoChico, it’s sparkly and no carb and “healthy”. We often add lime juice, but today, after spending the day out at the farm, my wife shoved(quite literally) a few strawberries in the neck of this bottle. Oh My Goodness!!!! WOW!!

The Best Time Of the Year

 Here on the farm we have some of Oklahoma’s best sunsets, but what most people miss are the breath taking sunrises.  They are either stuck in an office, asleep, or otherwise distracted from the magnificent beauty.  Because of our latitude and elevation, Oklahoma is in the drivers seat when it comes to those awe inspiring …


We are berry excited to begin our Strawberry venture and we would love for you to be a part of the excitement!  We have 12,000 strawberry plants and every one of them needs a home in the rich fertile land that we have been preparing for over 3 years!!! Would you and your family like …